Star Wars: Return of a Fandom

One of the interests that I said I wanted to renew in the initial blog post where I laid out my goals and plans for this year was my interest in Star Wars. The Special Editions were what first caught my imagination, and I was into it pretty hardcore during the summer of Episode I, but I gradually lost interest after that. I’m looking forward to seeing Episode VII in theaters, hopefully in costume (although I’m becoming less and less confident that I’ll be able to get a Jedi outfit put together by December, considering the sheer number of other costume projects I’d like to accomplish this year).

Star Wars Celebration 2015 just happened this past weekend. I did not attend, but my sister did. A day or two later, she asked me if I would be interested in attending next year’s Star Wars Celebration with her. I was amazed and delighted, and I said yes right away. I had absolutely no idea that anything like this was coming my way, but it looks like I will be attending Star Wars Celebration 2016 in London!

Based on what I’ve read about this year’s SWC, a lot has happened since I stopped keeping track of the latest happenings in the world of Star Wars. To get the most out of the convention, I’m going to need to get caught up on at least some of the new material beyond the feature films. Here’s a tentative plan for how I’m going to renew my interest in Star Wars and participation in the Star Wars fandom:

Within 2015

  • At the very least, I will definitely rewatch all of the existing feature films.
  • I will definitely post on at least one fan forum, too.
  • I might watch one of the animated TV series.
  • I might make a Jedi outfit for the premiere in December (if I have time).

In 2016

  • Try to catch up on as many animated series as I can.
  • Attend Star Wars Celebration 2016 in London!

Here’s the rest of my creative news updates for this week. It has been a crazy week. I’ve got a fan convention coming up this weekend, so I’ve been putting a lot of effort into sprucing up some of my existing costumes. I wrote a speech for Toastmasters, and I presented it on Tuesday. I finally got a crafty friend to help me fit the summer sundress that I was working on in February. The sides are pinned together and need to be basted before we see each other again two weeks from now. Finally, I recorded lines for a very small voice-over role in a student film tonight, which was a blast. Life is good this week.

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