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Movie Chat 009: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

On Sunday night, August 27, 2017, the Movie Night Crew watched Princess Mononoke and… Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Hence, the title of this episode. This would have been my grand finale to Dog Days of Podcasting 2017 if I’d had time to edit it before Dragon Con; instead, it’s the first episode of my post-Dog Days biweekly release schedule.

This episode contains strong language (again, only a single curse word).


DDoP 2017 Ep23: Thread Snippings 023: An Unexpected Costume

I didn’t set out to finish an anime costume within the month of August, but now I’m determined to do so. I talk about how that happened, the progress I’ve made, and my cosplay plans for Dragon Con. It must be almost the end of Dog Days of Podcasting, because this is my first episode release this month with no editing or post-production whatsoever, just the straight-up recording from my phone.

DDoP 2017 Ep22: Amy Talks About Stuff 027: Deadpan RPG – Episode IV: A New Ally

While driving home from the annual Deadpan MMMMMeetup, I talk about the RPG we’re playing, using the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG system. I recap what happened in this session and the previous one, and talk about how much fun we had doing it.

Notes and Credits:

  • The theme song for Amy Talks About Stuff is “Wandering,” by Lee Rosevere, from the album Music for Podcasts 2. This song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license and is available via freemusicarchive.org.
  • I mistakenly referred to “Freeform Games” on-mike – oops! Sorry, wrong company.
  • You’ll hear me say I hit the 15-minute mark during the 13th minute of this file – that’s because of all the ‘uh’s, ‘um’s, and silence I cut out during the editing process.

DDoP 2017 Ep21: Amy Talks About Stuff 026: Ou Est Le Soleil?

Cloudy sky

This was my view during the eclipse.

I’m grateful I live within easy reach of the zone of totality for today’s solar eclipse, but I’m even more grateful for the cool, funny, awesome group of friends I shared it with today. (I forgot to mention on-mike why I titled this episode this way. It’s named after a Paul McCartney song; the title is a French phrase that means, “Where is the sun?”)


DDoP 2017 Ep13: Thread Snippings 020: Star Wars Characters on a Scavenger Hunt

This is my Dog Days of Podcasting episode for Sunday, August 13, 2017. It was the last night of GISHWHES tonight, and I helped one of my local participants complete two of the items on this year’s list! In this episode, I share my story from tonight.

Show Notes:

  • The show I was talking about in this episode was Dr. San Guinary’s Creature Feature. Here’s their website and Facebook page.
  • GISHWHES pictures on Imgur (not my pictures from tonight, unfortunately)
  • No theme music in this episode, because it was a car-cast.

DDoP 2017 Ep07: Thread Snippings 018: A Day of Costume Progress

This is my Dog Days of Podcasting episode for Monday, August 7. In this episode, I share the latest updates on my costuming efforts, including the unexpected revival of a cosplay project that was shelved almost four years ago. It was a very productive day today, so I had quite a bit to talk about in this episode.

The theme song for The Thread Safe Podcast is “Puzzle Pieces,” by Lee Rosevere, from the album Music for Podcasts 2, which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license and is available via freemusicarchive.org.

DDoP 2017 Ep02: Thread Snippings 016: Return of the Encounter with the Sith

This is my Dog Days of Podcasting episode for Wednesday, August 2, 2017. This episode is a follow-up to my final Thread Snippings episode from last year’s DDoP challenge (which I recorded and uploaded via my SoundCloud account). In that episode, “An Encounter with the Sith,” I talked about marching alongside a fellow Star Wars costumer during our local Fourth of July parade. I saw that guy again at this year’s parade, and in the true Star Wars spirit, I reached out and befriended the man behind the mask.


DDoP 2017 Ep01: The Thread Safe Podcast 004: Back On The Microphone

This is my Dog Days of Podcasting episode for Tuesday, August 1, 2017. I’m excited to be back on the microphone for my second year as a participant in the Dog Days of Podcasting challenge!

In this episode, I:

  • Share my technology-related news from this year
  • Briefly go into cantankerous old-timer mode and complain about Apple (sorry about that)
  • Share some good news about my costuming progress
  • Give previews of some of the topics I plan to talk about during this year’s DDoP challenge

The Helpful Links of the Day for this episode are:

Contact Information:

  • Send feedback to amy at ameliabowen dot com
  • I’m @amybowen on Twitter
  • Or comment on this post!