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Movie Chat 009: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

On Sunday night, August 27, 2017, the Movie Night Crew watched Princess Mononoke and… Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Hence, the title of this episode. This would have been my grand finale to Dog Days of Podcasting 2017 if I’d had time to edit it before Dragon Con; instead, it’s the first episode of my post-Dog Days biweekly release schedule.

This episode contains strong language (again, only a single curse word).


DDoP 2017 Ep31: Amy Talks About Stuff 029: Live from STL

As promised, I recorded an episode live from the airport in St. Louis, where I changed planes on my way to Atlanta. I revive my Airport Update segment from the old Deadpan Podcast, and talk about whatever else was on my mind as I traveled. This is being posted completely unedited, exactly as I recorded it on my phone.

This post and the next one are backdated; I’m actually going back and adding these last two episodes from the 2017 Dog Days of Podcasting Challenge to my personal site a week after the fact. I couldn’t post them in real time because I didn’t have my laptop with me.

DDoP 2017 Ep29: Thread Snippings 028: Costume Completion Show-and-Tell

This episode was recorded live at my Toastmasters club meeting earlier today. Nobody else had volunteered to speak at today’s meeting, and I had just finished my new anime costume, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and record this. Once again, this is being uploaded completely unedited.

DDoP 2017 Ep28: Thread Snippings 027: The First Transport Is Away!

The bulk of my cosplay accessories are on their way to Atlanta, thanks to a very kind friend of mine! I talk about that and the progress I’ve made today. I also think out loud about what to wear to which Dragon Con events.

DDoP 2017 Ep27: Thread Snippings 026: Traveling With Costumes

This year, I decided I needed to step up my ‘traveling with costumes’ game in addition to my cosplay game. This afternoon, I bought a pair of garment bags which I will try out, compare, and contrast while traveling to Dragon Con.

DDoP 2017 Ep26: Movie Chat 008: Dueling Cowboys

The Movie Night Crew watched Red River and Take the Money and Run on Sunday, March 12, 2017. The main body of this episode was recorded that night, right before the first movie. However, this is all the discussion I recorded that night.

This episode contains strong language (no F-bombs this time, but another curse word).


DDoP 2017 Ep25: Thread Snippings 025: Dragon Con Costume Plans

The good news today is that, thanks to the generosity of a friend, I get to take ALL the long dresses (and my Jedi cloak, of course) to this year’s Dragon Con! I talk briefly about which costumes I’ll be bringing, and how excited I am about Dragon Con.

DDoP 2017 Ep24: Thread Snippings 024: One More Week!

At the end of a quiet day, I talk about the costume progress I made today and reply to one of my fellow DDoP podcasters’ shows. Once again, no in-depth editing or music because it’s a work night and I need to get to bed.