DDoP 2017 Ep22: Amy Talks About Stuff 027: Deadpan RPG – Episode IV: A New Ally

While driving home from the annual Deadpan MMMMMeetup, I talk about the RPG we’re playing, using the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG system. I recap what happened in this session and the previous one, and talk about how much fun we had doing it.

Notes and Credits:

  • The theme song for Amy Talks About Stuff is “Wandering,” by Lee Rosevere, from the album Music for Podcasts 2. This song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license and is available via freemusicarchive.org.
  • I mistakenly referred to “Freeform Games” on-mike – oops! Sorry, wrong company.
  • You’ll hear me say I hit the 15-minute mark during the 13th minute of this file – that’s because of all the ‘uh’s, ‘um’s, and silence I cut out during the editing process.

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