DDoP 2016 Ep02: Amy Talks About Stuff 001: Olympic Opening Ceremonies

I actually did record this episode on the day it was supposed to come out, Friday, August 5. I’m making a catch-up blog post now so that I’ll have one blog post per episode, and they’ll all be in the intended order.

Show Notes:

  • Tip of the hat to Christiana Ellis, a fellow podcaster whom I respect and look up to. This show is named after one of her old shows.
  • In this episode, I talk about the Olympic opening ceremonies and my memories of where I was for the last two Summer Games.
  • Theme song for Amy Talks About Stuff: “Wandering,” by Lee Rosevere, from the album Music for Podcasts 2. This song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license and is available via freemusicarchive.org.

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