Amelia Bowen

Hello! I’m Amelia (Amy) Bowen. (Either one is fine; in general, I’m Amy to family, friends, and the podosphere, and Amelia to professional contacts and in writing bylines.) I’m a networking support technician half of the week, and a writer, podcaster, costumer, volunteer, and many other things during the other half. This website is all about the many creative things I do.
SoundCloud Mic Check Podcasts

SoundCloud Mic Check

I am planning on signing up for the Dog Days of Podcasting 30-day challenge this year. Tonight, I started an account on SoundCloud and made my…
The View From 3 A.M. Cosplay

The View From 3 A.M.

This year, my company invited me to do some cross-training on our overnight shifts for the month of March. I accepted, so I have been on a noc…