A Busy Week of Writing

At the beginning of this year, I made a commitment to post a new blog post every week, planning to do it on one of my days off. This is the end of one of my long weeks off, and it’s been pretty busy, but I’m still getting a quick blog post in before I go to bed. I have updates to share in three different creative areas:

Writing – I’ve actually been doing a fair amount of writing since I last posted; it’s just that most of what I’ve written has either been for the class I was taking, or for my Toastmasters club, or for one of the boards I’m on. I’m on top of all that for now, though. My speech has been written and delivered, my article for the club newsletter has been submitted, the class is over and the next quarter doesn’t start until March 6, and my meeting minutes are all ready to go. I can work on my personal creative endeavors for the rest of my evenings this week if I want to, and I think I will, because I got some great momentum going this weekend.

On Sunday afternoon, after I had finished my homework and the bulk of the speech, I decided to get back to work on revising and editing Season 1 of The Questors from Effpiem. I just could not stop grinning the entire time. I was having a ton of fun getting back into the world I had created. (I will dedicate an entire future blog post to introducing that world.) It’s a fun, playful, lighthearted fantasy story, and I really look forward to getting started on recording it again. Which brings me to…

Podcasting – I finally started reading Podcasting for Dummies over this weekend. I’m already acquainted with the authors (hi there, if you’re reading this!), and I’m loving their writing. I also put myself out there on a Facebook group and described my future podcast while replying to a discussion post. Now that it’s out there, I feel even more motivation to start producing it. Finally, I’m almost caught up with all the episodes of The DIY Endeavors Podcast that have come out since it relaunched in October, and I find them very inspiring.

Sewing – I’ve gotten as far along on my current dress as I can without a second pair of hands to help me pin it together. I will pick it back up again on the 6th or the 7th, when I have a crafters’ get-together to attend. I had to improvise extra side panels so that I could sit down in it. Again. This certainly reinforced the lesson that I should choose roomier dress patterns when possible, and keep working on my re-engineering skills.

More next week!

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