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DDoP 2016 Ep14: Amy Talks About Stuff 007: Freelancing and Feedback

This is my Dog Days of Podcasting episode for Wednesday, August 17. No audio production this time. This is the first episode in a while that I’ve recorded via the dedicated SoundCloud mobile app. I explain why during the episode. I also respond to all the positive feedback I’ve gotten on my show via the Dog Days of Podcasting, and comment on one of my fellow podcasters’ shows.

Show Notes:

Freelance Voice Actor For Hire

My on-again, off-again freelancing career is now on again. In early 2011, while I was looking for a job, I researched alternative ways to make money online. I found several good websites for freelance work, one of which was Fiverr.com. … Continue reading →

Why I Am a Patron on Patreon

I had known about Patreon for a while, but over this past weekend, I finally got around to setting up support for some of my favorite people. I decided to do this now because Monday was the anniversary of the event that … Continue reading →