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DDoP 2016 Ep21: Thread Snippings 009: Behind the Scenes of Sewing

This is my Dog Days of Podcasting episode for Wednesday, August 24. (This episode is dropping earlier than usual because I got ahead on the challenge yesterday evening.) In this episode, I give you a live, near-real-time (I did edit the audio a little bit before posting it) look at part of my costume-making process. This episode shows some of the not-so-fun parts of costume-making and how I work through the problems I encounter.

Show Notes:

DDoP 2016 Ep20: Movie Chat 002: The Seven Samurai

This is my Dog Days of Podcasting episode for Tuesday, August 23. (My goal is to get Movie Chat with the Movie Night Crew out on a regular biweekly release schedule, so this should have been my DDoP episode for Monday the 22nd, but I didn’t look back at my previous blog posts and realize I’d released my first Movie Chat episode on a Monday until after I’d already uploaded my podcast file for the day on Monday evening. Oops. Live and learn.)

The main content of this episode was recorded on Sunday, February 28, 2016. This is the episode of Movie Chat that I mentioned, and promised to get out this month, in a previous episode of Thread Snippings. In preparation for that night, I wrote a mini-essay on our featured movie of the evening (The Seven Samurai), its relationship with Star Wars, and my progress on my Jedi costume up to that point. I read that episode on-pod in this episode.

Show Notes:

  • I mentioned on-pod that I would be sure to include a picture of myself in the show notes, so here it is. This picture was taken the night we made this recording (Feb. 28).


DDoP 2016 Ep19: Thread Snippings 008: New Boot Smell

This is my Dog Days of Podcasting episode for Monday, August 22.The new boots I ordered for my Jedi costume back on the 10th are here! In this episode, I unbox them and review them.

Show Notes:

  • These are the boots I’m reviewing in this episode. Caveat Emptor: These do have visible zippers that run up from the arch of your foot, so if you’re trying to get your costume approved by a costuming organization, they ain’t gonna cut it. I do like the way they look, though.
  • Theme song for Thread Snippings: “Puzzle Pieces,” by Lee Rosevere, from the album Music for Podcasts 2. This song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license and is available via freemusicarchive.org.

DDoP 2016 Ep18: Thread Snippings 007: Sunday Costume Progress Report

This is my Dog Days of Podcasting episode for Sunday, August 21. It’s another car-cast, but this time it’s an update on the sewing progress I made that day, and on the strategies and practices I use while making costumes.

Show Notes:

  • Yes, I say “Gonk” sometimes. I have a habit of collecting and using unusual alternatives to curse words. 🙂
  • The directions for making tabards that I talk about in this episode are in this forums thread.
  • No theme music in this episode.

DDoP 2016 Ep17: Amy Talks About Stuff 010: Saturday with Friends and Feedback

This is my Dog Days of Podcasting episode for Saturday, August 20. This is my first car-cast (podcast recorded in my car, using my phone) of the challenge. In this episode, I talk about my work schedule and what my friends and I usually do on Saturdays. I also comment on several of the other Dog Days of Podcasting shows that I’ve been enjoying recently.

Show Notes:

DDoP 2016 Ep16: Amy Talks About Stuff 009: Commuting in the Rain

This is my Dog Days of Podcasting episode for Friday, August 19. On that day, I bicycled to work and back for the first time since the DDoP challenge had started… only to get caught in the rain on the way home.

Show Notes:

DDoP 2016 Ep15: Amy Talks About Stuff 008: Extemporaneous

This is my Dog Days of Podcasting episode for Thursday, August 18. It’s another inter-DDoP-participant feedback show! This time, I respond to David Jacobs’ first episode of “The Lavender Pony Show. We both have fond memories of the early days of podcasting, although we ran in different circles, so this episode contains a lot of me reminiscing about that.

Show Notes:

DDoP 2016 Ep14: Amy Talks About Stuff 007: Freelancing and Feedback

This is my Dog Days of Podcasting episode for Wednesday, August 17. No audio production this time. This is the first episode in a while that I’ve recorded via the dedicated SoundCloud mobile app. I explain why during the episode. I also respond to all the positive feedback I’ve gotten on my show via the Dog Days of Podcasting, and comment on one of my fellow podcasters’ shows.

Show Notes:

DDoP 2016 Ep13: Thread Snippings 006: Storebought Vs. Handmade

This is my Dog Days of Podcasting episode for Tuesday, August 16. In this episode, I talk about the role that storebought pieces of clothing can play in costumes, and share the progress I’ve made on my handmade pants.

Show Notes:

DDoP 2016 Ep12: Amy Talks About Stuff 006: My First Meta Podcast

This is my Dog Days of Podcasting episode for Monday, August 15. I really want to try and (There is no try!) get caught up on this challenge, so you get a double episode from me today.

In this episode, I talk about my recent guest appearance on the Mad at Dad podcast.

Show Notes: